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In the video production industry, prices vary greatly depending on production type and size, location, preproduction time, etc.

Therefore it is almost never possible to offer realistic generalized quotes.

However, we developed a flexible pricing strategy that can shrink and expand according to your needs and budget. The following numbers should be regarded as informative only.

Please get in touch for a quote for your project.

Basically we start with an 80€ rate for a shooting hour (1 person) and a 70€ rate for an editing hour.

The equipment fee starts at 120€ per production day, which includes one camera package and basic sound.

A basic lighting setup (3 point lighting) starts at 50€ per production day.

Every project requires preproduction time. Sometimes this can be insignificant, while in other cases it can take full days or weeks. For this reason, this is discussed individually.

Here is a list of our services. Discounts for students are available.

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